How to avoid the client disappointment?

We are working hard on every project. We put our soul, dedication and completing the project by before or after the timeline.

Are we getting the good feedback all the time? Sometimes, we did not meet the client expectation and getting an escalation or disappointed feedback. Sometimes, we met the client expectation and got a good feedback from the client.

Why the client got disappointed?

In the initial meeting, the pre-sales and BA/PM set the good expectation for the client and the client will think the product is coming out really well. In this situation, If we make any blunder or minor mistakes then the client expectation is collapsed and it leads to the client disappointment.

How to avoid this situation?

1. We must get to know the client vision and thought process.
2. Who are all the target audience?
3. What is the data the client wants to get from the users?
4. Avoiding blunder issues
5. Rare scenarios crashes can be accepted but make sure that the application is not crashing into the simple scenario.
6. The developers are spending a lot of time with the application and sometimes it’s not possible to find the mistakes.
   Ask your teammates to use the application once and it might help to find the minor or blunder mistakes.
7. Understand the client background and we must know what is important for the client whether he/she is giving first preference to UI or major functionalities.
8.  We should tell the instruction/known issues very clearly for every release and set the clear expectation so that the client won’t share the same issues again. ( In some cases, If a client is a technical person or he/she will get upset easily If we tell any issues before the release then we let the client tell the issues and it’s also one way of handling)
9. Build the trust with the client. It completely depends on our attitude, how we are communicating and updating the task information. How we are suggesting a good thing for the product. We should not let the client ask the update and we have to share the update before that.

There are 2 types of clients, one is technical and another is one non-technical. The technical client will give the end to end requirement and another one will the overview of the scope. It’s our job to develop the end to end product.

Both the clients won’t be happy If they see any minor issues. I’ve seen the client telling minor issues for the disappointments and they are not raising the major concerns most of the time.

We will give first preference to complete the functionalities comparing to giving preference to UI/UX but UI/UX playing a vital role when it comes to the client release or project demo.

Here I’m sharing few points which might be useful,

Why UI and UX are important?

If we go to the showroom and buy a new product, Do you buy a product If the outer box is damaged? Likewise, the UI and UX are very important for the project.

1.  I just got a LinkedIn notification and I just tap the notification, when the application is opened they are showing ‘No Results found’ something broke, Seems like we have taken the wrong exit here’ screen alert. If I’m not wrong, we would have shown ‘Internal Server Error’ or the app would be loading for a long time.

We have to start displaying messages like ‘Oops something went wrong! Please try again later’. If the server is completely down, then we have to show the message like ‘The server under maintenance from 9 PM -12 PM. Please use our service after some time.

2. In LinkedIn, they will show ‘New Post’ button at the top when you are in the middle of the feed and they want you to tell there are new feeds available for you.

Or FB Auto Scroll, when you try to exit from the FB application, then the page will be auto scrolled and you can see the new posts.It’s one of the good UX and they deliberately avoided the ‘Pull down to refresh’ option.

3. OTP Number should be mentioned at the start of the message so that the user can enter the OTP without open the message.

4. Page Refreshing Scenarios, If you are accepting the request then the friend’s count number should be increased instantly. We should not force the user to go back and come again to see the updated content.

If the user is doing any action and the user is expecting some results, in this case, the user should not go back to the previous screen and come again to see the update. The page has to be refreshed.

5. Touch sensitivity/ Small fonts / Small icons/Touchable links:

         – If there is any navigation is available for the text, then it must be in the bold format or it must be in blue color text with the underline.
         – The user can easily touch the icon and we must use the suggested touch area size.
         – The text font size/style type should be maintained. Text format can be easily readable.

6. The entry and exit point – If the user opens and use the feature, then the user should able to exit from the current screen easily and use the other feature easily. In this case, we might fail to place home or back button.

7. Getting many input field data from the user until it’s very important to get the information. In some cases, we don’t need his address, DOB, state and getting this information sake of the client satisfaction. We must start educating the client.

8. Coach marker – If we are handling any complex tasks or any feature will be unlocked in future, then we must use the coach marker screen to educate the user. If not, the user might not aware of the feature and they will not unlock it.

On top of that, Make sure that the application is not crashing during registration/login. Make sure that there are no obstacles or too many information available to complete the registration.

In some cases, the user will get the OTP message after few minutes. OTP delay issue must be avoided for the client release.

I feel If we start concentrating on small things, then the big things will fall into place. The quality completely depends on the entire team and not only the QA.

The real success is how we carry forward the client vision into reality and how we

deliver the product and satisfied the client.

If there are any points needs to be added, please add it.

By Siva Shankar

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